c o m p a n y   b i o g r a p h y

Hartcorn Furniture + Design, formerly Boston Furniture Makers, has relocated to the scenic Berkshires.
The new studio offers eclectic furniture that is rich in design reflecting fine craftsmanship in each piece.
Husband and wife team, John and Andrea Hartcorn are the principals of the design and build
studio and are responsible for the look and feel of their distinct collection of work.

John serendipitously became involved with metalwork and sculpture and his interest in those art forms
evolved into furniture making. Boston’s North Bennett Street School where John studied, is recognized
as one of the premier furniture making schools in the country. In 1995, John founded Boston Furniture
Makers focusing primarily on custom design and period furniture. Moreover, he taught furniture making
at Boston Center for Adult Education as well as at North Bennett Street School. Initially drawn to furniture
due to its deep history and its blend of function and art, it was ultimately the combination of taking an idea,
translating it into a visual representation and the creation of the final product that gave root
to this company.

Given Andrea’s training and experience in the therapeutic arts and in graphic design, it was natural
for the two to begin designing their own line of furniture. Both were inspired by Asian design, yet each
lent individual strengths to the collaboration effort. John’s extensive knowledge and training in the
craft of fine furniture plus his love of architecture, and Andrea’s sixteen-year-long career as
a designer with a focused eye for detail, color, and texture began a new emphasis on limited
productions of their own design and style. Now they display their work as
Hartcorn Furniture + Design at selected furniture trade shows,
galleries and on their website.

John and Andrea believe furniture,whether for personal living quarters or commercial spaces,
is meant to become an integral as well as enjoyable part of your everyday environment.
To see more of their work in full, please visit them at www.hartcornfd.com
or contact them directly at their Berkshire studio at 413.394.9955.